Coming soon: the one bra that supports changing boobs

Our story

Where it all began...

"One bra that can grow with me throughout pregnancy and beyond."

That was what I was thinking while I was packing all my pregnancy bras in a box to store in the basement. A couple of months after having my baby, I counted how many bad buys I made considering my boobs: too many bras that did not really support my sensitive and often sore breasts, too many bras that looked like light-to-medium-support sports bras, too many bras that made me feel like a milk machine. Too many bras anyways. Closing the lid of the box, I thought, I cannot be the only one?

Marta & Noor

That’s when I met Marta, in a cute little coffee place in The Hague. I shared my thoughts with her and, four cappuccinos later, we started working together. A thorough couple of google searches, many talks to other pregnant women and young moms, visits to lactation specialists and even midwives later, we were convinced of this being a bigger problem in need of a solution.  

Let's lift each other

This is what inspired us to start sketching, sewing and testing. We wanted to design the one bra that can take women along the different phases of early maternity, without having to sacrifice for femininity or sustainability. Our goal is to offer women the support to feel like themselves, to feel like the badass mom they are about to become! We're taking away time and effort spent on having to find another new bra (of which you are unsure will be the right fit for now & the upcoming months) by offering one that fits the ever changing female body. In a world that’s about to be turned upside down...we’ve got your boobs covered;)  

Team Feelou
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