Coming soon: the one bra that supports changing boobs

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We have been working closely together with pregnant women, young moms and maternity specialists to develop a bra that supports change. This bra will take you along the different phases of early maternity, without having to sacrifice for femininity or sustainability.

meet the team

These women have tried, worn and nursed with the bra before we we landed on the final design. Here's

What she said:

  • "By now (36 weeks pregnant) I really want to take off most bras by the end of the afternoon, they are just so uncomfortable. But not this one, I could wear the Beyond Bra all day and not feel a thing!"


  • "The best thing is you don't feel that you're wearing it."


  • "I'm 38 weeks pregnant and in love with this bra - it has a great fit!"


  • "I really like that you can attach it from the side. Putting on a bra and fastening the closure behind your back is no longer possible and fastening in the front and sliding it back is difficult because of my belly."


  • "For me the sustainability angle was very important - it feels so wrong, all those one-time purchases during your pregnancy."


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